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Why Your Business Should Use Private Cloud Hosting


There is no doubt that cloud computing has paved the way for better online services. Businesses, for example, thrive due to the use of different cloud technologies, including SaaS and even cloud hosting.

There are two major types of ‘Cloud’ and they are the private cloud and the public cloud. As the name implies, the public cloud is one that is diversified by the sheer number of users utilizing the technology while private cloud is one that provides specific resources to people or entities that make use of such technology as well.

Although the public cloud is much, much cheaper, it is prone to security risks due to the fact that there are a number of people using it. Performance is also not going to be really good due to the same reason.

Today, I am going to reveal why businesses should use private cloud hosting as opposed to utilizing the public cloud.

What is Private Cloud?

Before I delve deeper into this topic, I must first give its introduction so that you will know what I am about to reveal. Anyway, a private cloud is a type of cloud architecture which provides specific resources to anyone who makes use of the technology.

It is akin to getting a dedicated server in the traditional web hosting sense. In this context, you are basically given your own private space and you can pretty much do whatever you want with it.

Now that you know what a private cloud is, what are the reasons why companies should use this over the public cloud?

Business Continuity

Although the public cloud can be used by both private individuals and large companies, it is important that you think about migrating your entire business services to the private cloud.

Sure, you can always start using the public cloud, especially if your business hasn’t acquired its prestige yet. But, because the public cloud is not a reliable hosting technology due to the reasons outlined above, you run the risk of not having your website be accessible to your potential customers. In business, every moment counts.

Using private cloud hosting will ensure that server uptime will never be an issue.

Improved Security

Aside from the fact that you get your own virtual space, private cloud offers robust security measures to ensure that your data is secure from prying eyes and hackers who have the intention of stealing them for their own gain.


Do you require more storage space? Do you need more RAM? Do you need more powerful CPUs? Do not worry because if you are going to use the private cloud for your hosting needs, all of those things will be given to you.


Another big advantage of private cloud is the fact that you can customize it to your liking. Depending on your business needs, you pretty much have all the resources at your disposal whenever you need it.


Private cloud is definitely something worth considering if you are running an online business website. Although you have to pay more than using the public cloud, it provides many features and assurances that your data will be safe and secure.