Why We Should Not Want More Likes.

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As we live in this 21st century where Instagram is used by over 1 billion people, changes were bound to happen from the hit of social media. The changes could be minor and takes some time to be noticed, but it is still there. One of the changes is the standard decided by the majority of social media users. This can be seen from how the beauty images are decided by the amount of likes received from the Instagram users. It is undeniable that humans will prefer beauty rather than average, and how disgusting it is that people used this fact to make a point. Thus, those who received a lot of likes for their posts are considered pretty compared to others that did not have as many likes. This is an unfair standard set by the society as the beauty of someone should not be judged only by their outer appearance. There are more beauties out there who are very kind-hearted and soft, but are not considered pretty simply because they did not have many likes for their posts. 

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Due to this standard set by the majority, people become obsessed in receiving a lot of likes for our Instagram posts. It’s as if your opinion or whatever you post is not valid if you did not receive many likes. Now, let’s see the reasons why we should not like more likes.

Wanting More Likes Means Admitting That Majority Rules.

The most important thing to note is that having more likes means you are favored by the majority. However, this should not be encouraged as it can bring down the self-esteem and confidence level of those with less amount of likes. The power of the majority does not mean we are forced to follow whatever the majority decided. We should use our freedom to voice out our difference in opinions as wisely and peacefully as we can. In this case, we should discourage the amount of likes used to compare one person with one another when it’s a fact that all of us are born different, and should be respected for that.

The Effects to Mental Health.

Another reason why we should say no to a high amount of likes is because it clearly affected our mental health. The mindset where more likes means you are more liked is unhealthy especially to the teenagers as it can cause depression and anxiety disorders. Those with low amounts of likes for their posts feel insecure and depressed as they think they are not noticed and something’s lacking with them. These sorts of depressive behaviors are dangerous as it could even lead to eating disorders and suicide. It’s not surprising that people could committed suicide for this as they feel like they will never be enough and will never rise to the level of those with lots of followers and likes. 

It Is All About Balance.

As Thanos mentioned, life is all about balance. That’s also how it should be with the amount of likes on our social media. There should be some likes from our small circle of support like family and best friends, and probably some dislike from some anonymous accounts. Think about it, being too popular can only bring you a headache with all the hate comments. It’s really smart to keep yourself low-profile and have no obsession with likes as it allows you to be care-free about what you post.

Last Words

In the end, the likes does not actually mean much. The likes did not cost you a dollar or something like that. Thus, isn’t it better for us to ignore how many likes we get and instead focus on how we posted that for our safekeeping and memories? Let’s all spread positivity and not expectations. Those who invented the idea of likes should be given a pat to the head because really, who expects the concept to bring forth some negativity? Perhaps some of us should create a brand new website that could abolish the likes system on social media. Let’s check out this website design malaysia and figure out how to do that, should we?

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