Why Do People Have A Negative View Of Games?


People tend to overestimate the influence of themselves and their group and think that opinions and views they don’t see don’t exist, which still means you don’t think people should think there’s anything wrong with playing games, for instance, you think the notion that playing games are appropriate should be a  common sense and self-evident. 

It’s not surprising that playing games are disliked by family members and girlfriends in some countries, it only means they are not a group with you, they also think it’s unbelievable that you like to play games, don’t think young people can understand the good of games, there are many people who are against playing games, especially in the female market is huge, in turn, many men also think women love shopping is simply crazy. 

It is human nature to reject what is unfamiliar and unknown. Our generation of young people has been exposed to many new concepts, but in many cases, they are no different from those of our elders who have interfered so violently with our hobbies. 

To zoom out, simply put, playing games is not in line with mainstream social values in some countries. The so-called mainstream social values, in the most common and understandable terms, means that you should do what you should do at this stage, study hard when you study and work hard when you work. What’s more, the more time you spend doing what you’re supposed to do, the more positive most people’s perception of you will be. Therefore, the more time you spend playing games, the more treacherous you are in the eyes of others. 

In terms of addiction, most adults and minors do not necessarily consume less time than games on various short video platforms. Are games a beast? If there is one thing in the world that offers a sense of achievement, motivation and satisfaction in exchange for minimal consumption, then games should be an important one. Games are easy to get addicted to, not because they are so toxic, but because they fit a need within people at an extremely low cost. Even those who already have a healthy, active, stable and enjoyable human interaction in their lives have this same need. To keep children from wasting their lives in it, you have to help them build more realistic bonds and create a more realistic feeling of achievement, satisfaction and motivation. Games are nothing more than a way of getting what they need inside.

If someone says that games are poisonous is just a testament to prove how deprived the real world is. 

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