What is Online Gambling and The Impact On Us

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Online gambling or online gambling is any form of gambling game played using a computer or mobile device such as a smartphone and an internet connection. Online gambling offers almost all bets available in live casinos such as sports betting, traditional casino games, video slots and more.


Online casinos are played in the same way as physical, games and chances are very similar to offline casinos. There are some interesting differences between offline casinos and online casinos, which is that online gambling does not recognize age and occupation because it is easily accessible by using a mobile phone.


It is possible that this method is also safe compared to playing gambling in premises that provide online gambling services. It is also dangerous if the premises are raided by the authorities and whoever is there at that time can be punished according to the type of offense provided when caught.


The spread of online gambling activities is becoming more worrisome when the military also begins to get caught up in the illegal activity. This is because the gambling operators involved are increasingly daring to offer the game openly.


But what is sad is that they are willing to spend their salary to play online gambling that can be accessed anywhere and anytime as long as they have internet access. It is common knowledge that the duty of a soldier is to maintain national security, maintain national security and risk their lives to ensure national sovereignty is always preserved. But what is worrying is if they are easily influenced and get stuck in online gambling, how this attitude, behavior and habits will to some extent affect the change in the nature of the individual.

This problem of online gambling needs to be curbed at every level of the member level in the Malaysian Armed Forces (ATM) in general and the Army (TD) in particular. We can’t take a careless attitude because it involves the morals of the members. For example, if a member is involved in online gambling, they are willing to spend time looking at their mobile phone and dare to bet their salary until it runs out.

After running out of ringgit money, they tend to lend money with Ah Long or individuals who run money lending business without a license. At first it was fun, but the effects and consequences of the loan can invite a change in the member’s own attitude.


For example, a military man was arrested in May 2019 for the crime of breaking and entering and stealing a luxury designer handbag. According to an article published by a local newspaper, the individual’s activities were revealed after he was arrested and the police managed to confiscate 70 handbags of various luxury brands. The result of the investigation found that the individual was gambling and due to debt problems, he was willing to commit this crime. The lesson that can be learned is never try to play gambling online or any other type of gambling. There are some members who just play as a hobby to fill their free time but most have become a habit that is difficult to prevent. Playing online gambling can cause the individual to become addicted when the money invested for the first time is successfully doubled and they become happy and continue playing until they run out of money without realizing it. This causes the members involved to act without thinking about the effects and consequences. If you still want to play theres a safe place to play slot in this link pussy888 casino.