Use Of The Top Famous Patlite Stack Light Malaysia


Have you ever had an experience in walking into a manufacturing factory to see how the production goes on. The hard labor work where people handle big and heavy machinery to produce the products that we use in our daily lives. It is always fascinating to be able to stand and witness the process of how our day to day products are being made in production facilities aka factories. Therefore, I am going to share my experience and knowledge that I took from visiting a production factory where products were being made.

The Workflow

The workflow of the facility is indeed smooth, which is surprising, because one might have thought that factories or the production facilities would be filled with human labor. But there was one moment where I realized that the through the automation industry and technology the work for manpower have been cut out, therefore, the only thing that labor in the production facility had to do was to monitor the big machines that was producing the products by filling in the cartridge, or loading up the needed material in order to keep the machine running on.

  Yet there was something that really caught my eyes, and piqued my curiosity. In every  station that I walk through, where the smell of chemicals and the noise of alarms that signal the worker like an indicator to lights that were stood up on the side of the machine was something that made me wonder about it’s function and purpose of why it was there. Somehow the lights that were posted in every station where the machines were placed were called patlites.

The Top Famous Patlite Stack Light Malaysia

Patlite’s Function

The light that were installed on every machine were called as “patlite” and those patlite works in signaling works about the current mode or condition of the machine. How, well it’s like this:

  1. The top famous patlite stack light Malaysia has three colors on it. 
  2. Most of the light is made of LED, to form a brighter complexion of the color.
  3. The body of the famous patlite stack light Malaysia is divided into three colors.

The three colors indicate the current status of the machine to the labor who are working at the factory. Let’s break down every color’s function and what it means.

  • Red : the red light indicates that there is something wrong with the machine, therefore the machine is unable to operate.
  • Green: the green light indicates that the machine is running and it’s online. 
  • Orange / Amber: this light indicates that the machine is indeed in a good shape, but it has been paused for some reason, most of the time, this color would be flashed when the labor heads out for their lunch. 

The lights that are being flashed by the famous patlite stack light Malaysia is able to prevent accidents from happening, because the machine that the labor are dealing with are indeed dangerous, and with that said, the distance of the machines from one another is a bit far, and with the noise that it produce at the background, workers in the factory wouldn’t be able to make out what the operator says, thus, having the top famous patlite stack light Malaysia is able to deliver that.

The Top Famous Patlite Stack Light Malaysia