Upsides And Downsides Of Working Online In Malaysia


Working is a given in life, a necessary activity that everyone performs for different reasons. For some, working can be a way to do something meaningful, others work to give back, some work for social connection and others work for various personal reasons. Mainly, though, most work to earn and make a living. It may not always be a satisfying and the most financially rewarding career, but most people need work to get through in life. Fortunately, with the advances in the way we communicate via the internet, working does not only mean going to your workplace, commuting and beating the hassle. Work in this age can also be done at home in the comfort of your own work area. Because of the dynamic nature of businesses, online work or work from home arrangements are getting more common and accepted in some industries. As a new trend, working online has a lot of room for improvement. To give a look at the current situation of working online, here are the ups and downs of working online.

Let’s start with the downsides:

Competition is tight – With a bigger job market also comes more competition. Thus, working online does not necessarily mean slacking. Keeping things professional will make a big difference in your online career.

Scams really happen – In an open environment like the internet, it is not uncommon to find people trying to take advantage over others in unethical ways. Simply put, there are scammers online, and if you are not careful, you may be on the receiving end of these tricks. To mitigate the odds of being scammed, make sure that sites are legitimate and credible.

Miscommunication is common – Without any physical contact and the communication done via e-mail or chat, miscommunication is very common. Since transactions are done online, information can be misinterpreted and can mean disastrous for both the employer and employee. Thus, it is best to always ask questions and clarification instead of ploughing forward with minimal information.

These downsides are not set in stone and may be mitigated or even eliminated with careful research of what you are getting into. In addition, to counter the downsides, here are a few upsides to look forward to working online.

Flexibility on work schedule – Working online can mean a more flexible schedule suited to your preference and working habit. This can even mean being able to fix your schedule in a way that will enable you to complete errands that would be impossible if you are working in an office.

Zero office distraction – The office can be a place for socialization but it also comes with unnecessary distractions. In this perspective, working at home, in your very own office space, affords a more peaceful working environment.

Less expense – With online work, you do not need to commute or to buy snacks or food in the cafeteria, everything you will need will be at home. Thus, less expense on fares and other unnecessary expenses.

All things considered, there are pros and cons in every industry. You should check out the tips and guide by Sterrific to learn more. Since working is a necessary part of living, the best way to keep at it is to always make the best out of it. May it be working in an office or at home. The final decision will always be from you, so make sure to consider all the pros and cons of your decision making.