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Tips to Improve Heart and Sex Drive for Healthier Marriage Life


There are so many things that you can do to improve your health and well-being. But, there are certain sex differences when it comes to that. By taking good supplements for men in Malaysia, it would help your sex life to be healthier and aggressive. This article provides good tips to help improve not only men’s heart health but also their sex drive such as the last longer in bed as well.

Talk to Your Doctors Regularly

Typically, men over the age of 40 go to their doctors to ask about cancer screenings for their prostate and other body parts. But, this should not be the only reason why you visit your doctor.

In fact, when you reach the said age, you need to be talking to your doctor regularly to ensure that your health is always in check.

Use a Health App to Monitor Your Heart

As men grow older, they have an increased chance of getting high blood pressure. Dr. Eric J. Topol, a cardiologist at Scripps Health, suggests that you use health-monitoring apps to help you see your heart’s health during stressful situations.

Such applications include iHealth and Withings and what they do is provide you with a convenient way to monitor your blood pressure and your overall heart health. The beauty of all of this is that the data that is gathered from you is saved on your phone so that you can look at it again when making subsequent checks.

Know the Specifics When Getting Certain Scans

If you are getting ionized radiation scans such as CT or PET scans, you need to know exactly how much radiation you’re going to get exposed to. Radiation has a cumulative effect which means that when it is done often, you are running the risk of contracting certain forms of cancer. Only do these scans if it is absolutely necessary.

Get Your Daily Dose of Sunshine

Exposure to the sun is not at all too bad. Having 15-20 minutes of sunbathing time can help increase the production and utilization of Vitamin D. However, do not go overboard since it can lead to skin problems.

Lift Weights

According to Dr. Jordan Metzl at the Hospital for Special Surgery, men reach their peak of testosterone production at the age of 20 and it then declines by 1 percent every year after the age of 40.

Although there are certain medications and supplements that will help elevate your testosterone levels, lifting weight at least 3 times a week provides that added benefit as well- without the use of any drugs.

Do Lower Body Exercises

According to Metzl, you can actually prevent erectile dysfunction if you do lower body exercises such as walking, squatting, and many more.

Be a Healthy Drinker

Drinking two bottles of alcohol per day actually improves your health, so long as you do not get past that number.

Go for Leaner Cuts of Meat

Men who enjoy red meats will feel good when they hear this. Going for leaner cuts of meat such as flank, round, and sirloin steaks have high amounts of protein while also having a lower number of artery-clogging fat. Be sure to go for the leaner cuts.