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As already stated, in fact, absolute security does not exist and even if during the design and installation phase of an information system, all possible vulnerabilities were immediately analyzed and state-of-the-art risk management procedures were defined, the evolution of the software itself through the release of new versions or updates on the one hand, and on the other, the advancement of cybercrime with increasingly sophisticated threats also requires constant updating of the hardening. The Time fibre unlimited home broadband Malaysia option comes with the best deals now.

Advanced infrastructure monitoring

Microsoft, like many software presents within the IT ecosystem of a company, generates a large amount of very in-depth metadata that defines the state of the art of the software’s activities, call logs, which give evidence of what happens in a certain moment. For example, the fact that an employee with credentials in SharePoint and used to log in from a certain place, one morning logs in abnormally from a place very different from his standard behaviour. This potentially important data for safety can, thanks to the use of monitoring systems equipped with artificial intelligence algorithms, be made readable to the users concerned, at the very moment in which it is generated. In fact, an event like this can be synonymous with a compromise of the user’s credentials.

  • This is why it would be important to install extremely advanced monitoring systems that allow log analysis to reveal latent attack patterns that are not otherwise visible with normal security systems such as antivirus, antispam or firewall. To make the entire infrastructure more secure and therefore protect the data from possible attacks. In the case mentioned, it is also relevant the aspect of multi-factor authentication, an opportunity usually available only for large organizations but with Microsoft 365 Business Premium is also accessible for SMEs.

Secure online collaboration with Cyberoo51

Let’s sum it up. We said Teams and SharePoint are very effective tools for online collaboration. We have also said that their native protection is very high, without forgetting that no computer system is 100% secure, just as there is no zero risks. With video meetings in Teams and the sharing of projects in SharePoint to be considered as potential vulnerabilities, both platforms need to be treated in a special way from a security point of view and it is good practice not to skimp on resources when needed, especially when you’re learning website design.