The Significance Of The Development Of Modern Technology


Over the years, with the rapid development of various technologies in human society, such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, the Internet of Things, patlite network products and VR these technologies have greatly improved the productivity of society and have led to a new round of wealth distribution.

In our contemporary society, the real divide between people is not class segregation, but access to knowledge and those who can acquire the right knowledge will eventually stand at the top of society.

The role of humans cannot be replaced, but a stable machine operation is much less likely to make mistakes than a human, provided we have a complete program of human-machine interaction, which I believe will soon be available. Robots will certainly replace many low-end jobs in the future, and even if the ultimate algorithm is invented, many high-end jobs will not escape being replaced, but with the emergence of new technologies, in the process of eliminating many professions, at the same time, more jobs will be created, as was the case with the original industrial revolution. And as a brief history of thinking says: curiosity, good thinking and a spirit of pushing boundaries will give us a better foothold in the future. So if you have the ability to excel at any age, you don’t have to worry about that. So what we need to do now is to keep learning in order to be better positioned in the world of tomorrow. On the other hand, robots are doing a lot of things instead of humans, which leaves a lot of time free for humans to do what they really want to do, which is not a bad thing.

In the future, knowledge will be easy to find without much cost, meaning that everyone will have access to knowledge that can be used for everyday needs for a small amount of money. But the hardworking and diligent will spend more time researching knowledge, and there is more to life than just work, different people will enjoy different directions of knowledge. People are by their very nature dynamic, changing in ways they cannot understand themselves, and onlookers can only partially understand themselves.

You may only be a catalyst for the times, observing what the masses are missing and reminding them of it. If machines are working for us in the future, imagine more food, more fruit, more resources, more material, naturally cheaper, machines freeing people from heavy physical labour, allowing them more free time to devote to more creative work Don’t forget that the evolution of the world is also the simultaneous evolution of people’s minds and that without a working mind at the service of the people, there is no such thing as paranoia. Is it normal to be always persecuting the paranoid? Isn’t work always a vocation? Don’t you get the pleasure of working for the people? It’s a very natural thing to worry about being replaced by machines, to feel stuck in a primitive tribal developmental mentality, wherein in primitive societies, the ego can protect itself, but in a fairly civilised society, the ego will keep itself from evolving, pathologically possessive, not knowing how to share the joy and create only to stagnate.

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