SEO Copywriting 101: How to Write Content For Your Target Readers and Optimize For Google


Website Speed

Are you looking for SEO marketing services in Malaysia? Look for professionals who can help you website speed. According to studies, 40% of website visitors abandon a page if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load. Then, 47% of end users expect a page to load in around 2 seconds. If your web pages take a long time to load, find a way to improve it.

If your content is interesting and useful, but your page takes a while for your web page to load completely, your visitors would leave.

Meta Description

Use meta descriptions to guide Google and other engines. The job of meta descriptions is to help search engines understand the topics you are writing about. As per Moz, a meta description is considered as the HTML attribute that delivers a concise explanation to search engines.


Your web content may be valuable, but if your headlines are poorly written, your click-through rate would still be low. Never waste valuable SEO copy. Your headline must attract the attention other people, and encourage them to click further.

Keyword Frequency

Keyword frequency is the amount of times your selected keywords appear on a specific web page. Keyword density, on the other hand, is the ratio of your chosen keyword, to other terms on the same page. Keyword density and frequency are no longer as efficient today, but are still considered important aspects of SEO content.


The content itself is an important SEO copywriting element. People go to Google and other search engines to look for helpful content. Also, search engines feed on relevant, fresh SEO content. This is the reason why you should update your website consistently.