Problems Brides in Kuala Lumpur Face

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As a Malaysian bride who is living in Kuala Lumpur, it can be hard looking for the right look for the wedding. There are so many unpredictable and predictable issues that could happen and it certainly would make any bride stressed out. Sometimes we tend to overlook the fact that as a Malaysian bride it is not easy to plan a look for your wedding. As brides you might hunt down countless bridal shops in KL just to find the right dress but at times you tend to doubt your choices.

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Here are few problems you might face if you are having a wedding in Kuala Lumpur:

The weather

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As a Malaysian, you might already know that we don’t have the best weather scenarios. However, don’t let that stop you from finding the right dress, just do as much research as possible and if your wedding is outdoors be extra careful.

If you want a grand wedding look with a heavy wedding dress, it’s best if your wedding is held in a well air conditioned place. Otherwise you would just be sweating and your makeup is going to get ruined as well. Moreover, if your wedding is held outdoors, ensure there are enough shades to protect you from rain and heat. Do not wear something too tight or uncomfortable as it can spoil your mood.


Going through the trouble of looking at dresses and going into all the bridal shops in KL might not be worth it if your family disapproves the dress. Being a country that has many different cultures and religions, it’s completely normal that everyone has their own sets of beliefs.

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This is why you should know your family and the groom’s family well so that they won’t be in shock with you come up with a wedding look that isn’t traditional. Talk to them about your wedding look first and explain to them you would prefer it that way. This would help you avoid unnecessary commotions later on.


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We all know that jobs these days do not pay as much. So before going jumping straight ahead and purchasing things before the wedding, it is always good to have a plan. Hence, it is important that you plan all your expenses from the dress to accessories and try to purchase ones that are slightly cheaper than what you planned for. Also, keep your mind open for renting a wedding dress. It actually isn’t such a bad idea and there are many benefits.

This is so that the extra money set aside can be used for unexpected expenses.


This is one thing that brides normally hate dealing with. Nosey relatives who have remarks to make about your entire wedding look. Imagine, you go down every bridal shop in KL only to have nosey relatives disapprove of your choices. Honestly, the best way to overcome this issue, is to simple ignore them. Let their remarks fall on deaf ears, it’s your wedding and not theirs.

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So when you’re a bride from Kuala Lumpur, remember that there are certain unavoidable problems that you might face, try seeking out advice before running into bridal shops in KL. It’s always good to have a second opinion before you make your choices. However, never forget that you should be the one calling the final shots. If finding the right dress is a problem for you, look up guides online that could assist you. Moreover, there are also tutorials that would help you figure out various hairstyles that you could try on your big day.