Precautions Before Enjoying Youself


There should ideally be no limitations and constraints when it comes to masturbating for pleasure unlike sex. You can’t help but follow specific dos and don’ts when your sensitive inner parts are engaged in this act of pleasure.


So, now that you’ve overcome the guilt connected with masturbation, let’s move on to the more crucial topic of how to perform it in a healthy manner.

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Masturbation, without a doubt, may increase endorphins, improve your mood, help you burn a few more calories, and improve your sleep. However, none of these benefits matter if you don’t maintain your intimate cleanliness when masturbating.


1. Before you begin your pleasure adventure, wash your hands.


There’s a lot that a filthy hand might have stuck on it, from germs and viruses to grime and dust. It’s common sense that you shouldn’t use those dirty hands to masturbate since it might cause a serious illness.


2. Make sure your nails are clipped and clean.


This is a no-brainer because, first and foremost, dirt trapped in your nails can cause an infection down there even if you wash your hands.


However, there is another source of worry to consider. Those lovely nails might irritate the delicate tissue of your private areas, causing minor abrasions. Physical abrasions may cause inflammation in the body, making you more vulnerable to sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) like AIDS, according to research published in the Journal of the International AIDS Society.


After all, any illness might enter your bloodstream via the open cut/wound/abrasion created by your nails.

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3. Keep your toys in good condition.


This is a requirement for the same reason we instructed you to properly cleanse your hands before beginning the deed.


These toys, which are usually composed of latex or plastic, may gather a lot of dirt and dust. If you use a lubricant with it, this is much more probable. Needless to say, using an unclean toy might cause a terrible infection in your crotch.


4. Make sensible toy selections


If you’re new to the world of self-pleasure, start with your fingers, explore your erogenous zones, and work your way around your fingers to find the regions that provide the greatest pleasure. Don’t view a porn film and start vigorously fingering yourself or use a toy that’s too large.


It may be harmful to you down there if you do so. Furthermore, it might result in an injury or abrasion, making you more susceptible to contracting a STI. You may always use an appropriate lubricant to ease yourself into things at first.


5. Pay attention to the lubricant you use.


According to a 2012 research, using several lubricants damages the cell lining of the vaginal and rectum, making one more susceptible to sexually transmitted illnesses (STIs).


Aside from that, since their private areas are so delicate, many women have an allergic response to a certain lubricant. As a result, you must exercise extreme caution while selecting an appropriate lubrication for yourself.


To begin with, a water-based lubrication might be a safe alternative, but everyone to their own. Better yet, talk to your doctor about your alternatives.


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