More tips to consider before choosing a Wedding Veil

wedding veil

When you are becoming the new bride, there are many traditions and customs that your family would try to make you follow. One of these traditions include wearing a wedding veil, especially if you come from a Christian family. 

One thing people should put in their head before stressing out a bride to be is: It’s their big day. This is very important to remember even though it may be hard to follow as a mother or aunt who is trying to make the new bride have things that they could have or make the new bride follow the way they did things in the past.Eventually, this will just give the bride more stress. Try thinking of a time when you were going through multiple thoughts on your big day. Obviously you were stressed and as much as you appreciate opinions you would still want things to go your way.

This is why you should never try to make a bride do or wear something she does not want to. A wedding veil is something she should decide on her own and only she would know if it would be appropriate on her wedding day.

How to choose a veil?

wedding veil

When it comes to choosing a veil for your big day, think about what significance would it make to your whole look. Furthermore, a veil has the ability to transform a simple white dress into a wedding dress. Take a look at some movie inspirations. You will notice how some of the brides managed to pair their simple dress with a veil and it completely transformed their whole look. There are also many guides online that would help you find which wedding veil type you should actually settle with. 

Are there tips to narrow down choices?

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Well there are a few tips you should actually pay attention to before choosing your wedding veil. Firstly keep in mind that your veil should never overpower your dress. A simple veil is enough to transform any dress into a wedding dress. So if you were to wear a statement dress that definitely means you should not go with an overly bejewelled veil.

Next know your height. This is really important as some veil types do not suit you if you’re above or below a certain height. If you pick a Cathedral veil, you’re in luck as it suits anyone but a fingertip veil usually only looks better on tall girls as it makes short girls appear to look smaller. Moving on, if you pick a plush veil wear matte lipstick and wear it further forward so you don’t get any lipstick stains stuck on it. Wedding veils are very light in colour and most of them come in white, keep in mind to be extra careful.

As said before your veil should never overpower your wedding dress, so pick a wedding veil with lace and embroidery only if your outfit is far too simple. 

Should the dress be chosen before the veil?

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Yes, this is very important. Your wedding dress is the first thing you should decide on before any other bridal accessory. A veil is made to complement your wedding gown, not compete with it. For instance, when choosing a veil think about matching it with the colours and patterns of your dress. 

Take a look at some veil inspirations and you will notice how brides have been pairing their dresses and veils together. Moreover, if there are certain elements to your dress that need to be showcases, make sure your veil does not hide them. Another tip, try bringing the fabric of your gown when choosing a veil, that way it will help your selection process easier.

Cultural Considerations

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If you are having a wedding in a place that is strict on customs such as church, be sure to check on their requirements. Do a full research of what type of veils are actually allowed to be worn. Do this before you purchase your veil so that you do not get easily disappointed. Also be sure to ask your family if there are certain requirements that you should consider before choosing a veil. Sometimes, there are families that are a little particular on culture.However, as mentioned family members should not interfere unless the bride really needs help.

wedding veilA wedding veil is a beautiful bridal accessory but don’t limit yourself. If you think you might not want to wear a veil then have a look at other accessories or even have fun styling your hair. Having a minimal dress does not mean that you need a veil, look at the fe celebrities who had minimalistic wedding looks and not all of them wore veils. It’s all about how you feel at the end of the day.