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Mobile App Development: Choosing The Right Platform

Mobile App Devel,opment

When it comes down to developing a mobile app, you need to know which platform to choose. But there are myriads of factors you need to take into consideration before starting a mobile app development process.

Because it is crucial for you to choose the right platform, else your mobile app might not be able to go anywhere and it’ll end up in the dark abyss of app stores.

So What Do I Need To Consider?

Mobile App Development

The Types

Okay so, in mobile app development there are three types of applications each with its own pros and cons:

Native Apps

This type of apps are built to operate on one specific platform, thus it is not downloadable and usable for other platforms. For example, an Android app can only function and downloadable for Android devices alone. But the perk of developing native app is that it is very responsive and stable, flawless user’s experience.

Hybrid Apps

A combination of web apps and native apps that is made possible through the assistance multi-platform of HTML5, JavaScript and CSS. Perks of developing hybrid apps are that they are easy to be develop, it can access quickly, also, with hybrid apps it can still be use offline.

Mobile Web Apps

This is type of apps can be accessed via your computer browser, meaning you do not have to download and install the app on your device. But this type of app is optimized to run on mobile device even though it appears as web view. That is why some are built specifically to be a mobile website where the website view is optimized for mobile display, this includes all the buttons and widgets on the site.

Key Points Before Developing A Mobile App

mobile app development

User Experience

User experience the front face of your app, it is the first thing users will see and experience. Hence it is imperative for the layout to be neat, and easy to be navigate through. Also, make sure your mobile app is sufficient in term of bandwidth. One thing you need to absolutely avoid, shrinking your app size from web size to postage-sized app.

Security And Speed

When it comes down to security installation you can’t corner with it because the app you created will be synced with users’ info, due to lack of security and data protection it could lead to some serious data breach. Another issue is speed, an app with a slow performance or response is bad news, and this issue stem from the app itself or the server, not the Internet.

But these issues can be avoided if you choose the right platform. For example, if you are planning to do native mobile app development, i’d suggest you to work and concentrate on one single app and a single platform rather than multiple.


Helpful features are what make an app sees a download rate and users, but here’s the thing; is the platform you’re building your app on able to support those features? If it can’t then it’s probably best if you look for another platform. No point of developing an app on a platform that can’t support the features you want to integrate, no matter how cost effective it is.

Development Cost

To get cost effective mobile app development and ROI first you need to know which platform will able to give you the most benefits. Why? Because same like traditional commerce, you have to create app that is better than your competitors but if the platform is unable to support your app, then you’ll have to jump onto another platform. This relates to looking for the right platform your app before starting your mobile app development. Shifting to a different platform midway is not very cost effective.


Of course, you’ll need to do debugging, hotfixes, upgrades or rebuild your app completely at one point or from time to time so that users’ mobile experience can be improve. You have to make sure the platform you have chosen provide such support, else your app won’t be able to stay in the market for long because without updates done it will become obsolete.

Staying Competitive In The Market

Mobile app market is getting competitive by the day, the best way stay one step ahead of your competitors by providing good supports, constantly update and do fixes, and secured environment. Another point is to choose the right platform for your business app, of course, great minds and talents to build and develop your app.