Medical Use Of Sex Toys

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Sex toys are objects that people use to get more pleasure during masturbation or to spice up sex activities. There are a lot of types of sex toys for individual use or to be used with sex partners. It can also be used for different purposes such as to treat sexual dysfunction or any related medical condition for both men and women. You can get online sex toy Malaysia if you are local or browse through other online sex toy shops.

Even though not all doctors and specialists will suggest using sex toys to treat your medical problem because it is considered taboo to society, it has been proven medically that some of the sex toys can really help to treat your problem. Types of sex toys that are commonly used in the medical field are vibrators, dildos, pumps, and penis rings and they have a different way to be used and different effects.

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Who needs sex toys for a medical condition?

  1.       Menopaused women – Menopaused women sometimes will experience painful sex or a decrease in sex drive. This is because menopause will decrease the level of estrogen hormone in women which will cause vaginal tightness and dryness. Vibrators are used in this situation to relieve the pain by increasing the elasticity of vaginal walls and help rejuvenate vaginal lubrication. This helps to reduce the pain while having sex.
  2.       MRKH Syndrome (vaginal agenesis) – This is a condition where women have a small vaginal opening or known as “vagina dimple” but the internal genitalia is abnormal. In simple words, the vagina is underdeveloped or absent in some cases. The doctors will suggest the patient use a dilator or a dildo to create a neo-vagina. This is a lifelong use but if the vagina has achieved enough depth, regular sexual intercourse will help to reduce the need to dilate.
  3.       Erectile dysfunction – Erectile dysfunction is when someone is not able to maintain an erection or having trouble getting it. Penis can’t get erect enough to have sex. This disorder often occurs to older people but can also happen to younger people with few factors such as stress, anxiety, depression, high blood pressure, or diabetes. Pumps can be used to help with ED but consult with doctors beforehand to get the pump that is designed for medical use.
  4.       Vaginismus – This is when a women’s vaginal muscles tensed up involuntarily. It can be treated using medical dilators as it has low frequency and can be sedative to the pelvic floor muscle. Patients will start with a smaller size or dilator and change to a bigger size from time to time. It is also advisable to use a vibrator as it has a higher frequency and will help to stimulate the vaginal muscle faster.

To use sex toys is really up to personal preference and there is always a yes or no to it. Nowadays, many blogs and websites write about sex toys for educational purposes. After all, how you take care of the hygiene is what matters, and make sure to never share your sex toys with anyone else to avoid spreading STD.  Also using sex toys is another way to have great skin.