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Mechanical Watches: How To Handle Them With Care?

mechanical watch

A mechanical watch is something that could last you a really long time if you know how to care for it. They are timeless pieces that show class and edge. There are many watch trends over the years that have evolved. Wrist watches used to be considered feminine and now they are also apart of the men’s fashion trends.

mechanical watch

When you have bought your mechanical watch, you would have to take really good care of it. This would ensure that your watch would last for a lifetime. Mechanical watches could be handed down for generations if one knows how to properly care for it. 

Clean Your Mechanical Watch

A mechanical watch is not cheap and just like all metal items, it would collect dust easily. Use a soft cloth and wipe dust and/or dirt from the band and the case. Using a soft cloth will prevent your watch from getting scratches. You may use water and soap to clean your watch. However, it is best to ensure if your watch is water resistant before using water to clean it. If your watch is not resistant towards water then its best to just stick to a dry soft cloth.

Service Regularly

Regardless of how long your warranty is, never forget to service your watch every two to three years at least. It is better to identify the issues your watch might face rather than trying to fix it once it has become worse. Pick a watch store that is close to home so that it will be easier for you to get your watch serviced.

Knowing Your Mechanical Watch’s Water Resistance

Next, as mentioned above you should know if your watch is water resistant or not. Moreover, if your watch is water resistant, you should know their limit. Most people tend to not pay attention to this and they might end up taking their watch too deep. Bare in mind, this could damage your watch. If your watch is unable to handle the depths and its pressure, it might cause the watch to stop functioning properly. 

Take Care Of The Crystal

mechanical watch

I am sure this is something that you will pay a lot of attention to. However, it should still be mentioned as mechanical watches are very expensive. Be very careful and ensure that you don’t bang the crystal of your against any walls or hard surfaces. Besides, avoid getting you watch crystal scratched.

Keep Your Mechanical Watch In The Box

Watches usually come in their very own boxes. Try not to throw them away as it is a good place to store your watch when they are not in use. Do not leave your watch on the table, laying on its sides as it could cause your watch to get scratched. Moreover, putting it in a box will ensure that it does not get damaged if there is a fall.

Avoid Sunlight Exposure

When your mechanical watch is exposed to sunlight too much it could cause its colour to change. Moreover direct exposure to sunlight could also cause some functions to not function properly.

Avoid Chemical Contact

Mechanical watches are very sensitive. Even the simplest chemicals such as cleaning supplies, oils, perfumes and cologne could cause damages. Most of the time you would wear your watch first then spray your perfume. You should try doing it the other way around.Perfumes can cause leather straps to start to tear and it could also affect the colour of your watch. Your watch should be treated like all your other jewelry. It should be the last thing you wear.


 mechanical watch

No matter what brand of mechanical watch you own, you should never open it up by yourself. If you feel your watch may be having a problem take it to a professional. Opening your watch up on your own could damage it and it could also allow dust and dirt to enter. Moreover, all mechanical watches would come with their own manual. So be sure the read the manual and it would teach you more on how to care for your watch