Making New Friends After Moving To A New Home 

Kota Damansara

No matter where we move, whether it be in the richness of Kota Damansara or it is in the heart of KL, we are moving to a completely strange place. It is surrounded by totally new things to learn, new productivity curves, new people, new health care facilities and the list goes on.

The strangeness of a new place can easily make the moving process incredibly overwhelming and lonely. After the first few weeks, when the novelty of having a new place goes out, we are left with a feeling of isolation with no new friends. It is important to make sure no matter where we move, we learn how to make new friends. 

Making new friends in your new neighborhood or condo makes your life not only easier but also much more exciting. You now have a partner to share food with, someone to call out for help and give them a lending hand as well. Currently, in the world of the pandemic, it is much harder to meet new people. Nevertheless, this pandemic has been a true wake-up call for many who realized they do need the help of their neighbors and surrounding. 

For some of us making friends come to a lot easier while others are too nervous to make any friends. Today we are going to talk about different ways you can initiate a conversation and make a friend for life! 

Going Over With Some Food 

One of the more classic tips in the textbook for making friends is through food. Food bonds people. Even if you are from a totally different country and have a different nationality. You can cook your favorite food or the food that is special to your home town to bring it over to your neighbors. The food does not have to be complicated. It can simply be a jar of cookies, a nice blueberry pie, some leftover, and even a giant pizza. The act of kindness you provide through food tends to have lasting effects. 

Kota Damansara

Connecting Through Mutuals

We are all connected in one way or another. If you are moving to a new place in the same city, you might have better luck at finding mutual friends or connections nearby. You can ask your workmates and peers if they know anyone who lives in your neighborhood. Chances are they really do know someone and you earn a friend for life.

Use The Power Of The Internet

Today the internet has made it hundred times easier to meet new people. Whether it be through Instagram or TikTok or even meet-up apps, you can find new friends. Connection is the power you have in social media and you can use it to make your life a little more interesting. When using social media, always be open to making new friends but on the side of caution. There are so many different types of people on the internet and it is important you safeguard your private information like where you live and whom you live with. No matter how well guarded your condo in Kota Damansara is, be as private as you can with strangers.