How To Pick Men’s Watches By Looking At Their Personality?

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When selecting men’s watches it sometimes may be difficult because even as a male you might not know what you actually want. A watch is an accessory that will make any man transform his look and we are happy that the trend is rising again.Moreover, sometimes you do not have to purchase more than one watch. The unique thing about watches is that if you purchase the right type, it’s more than enough to keep for a lifetime. The mechanical watch is exactly the kind of watch most men would want to go for as they don’t have to worry about the batteries finishing and it’s longevity. 

Moreover, guys would usually prefer to choose a watch based on their personality. Why? Because that way the watch would easily match with who they are and what they would usually wear. When you plan on getting a men’s watch there are many things you should also put into consideration. Personality is just one of the criterias that are essential. Just ensure that you know yourself or the person you are shopping for well before purchasing. This article hopes to help making find a watch for men based on their personality simpler. It has summarized a few types of personalities and the kind of watch you should be looking at.

The Adventurous Guy

men's watches

For a guy who is always outdoors or seeking out new adventures, you would definitely want a watch that would be able to accompany you. Consider getting a watch that is built to withstand vigorous activities. For example, if you know you are always on the go and participating in marathons try looking at fitness watches. Moreover, the watches would make good use for you as they usually include features that would be able to assist you. Features may include water resistance and GPS navigation. Besides, consider getting the watch in a colour that will be easy to see in various light conditions this would make it easy for you to check your time while you’re out running, jumping down a clift or flying up in the air. Also, if you do happen to love flying, get a pilot watch. These watches not only function well but they are also stylish and would make an extraordinary addition to your collection.

The Minimalist Style

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Men who are simple and minimal have a style that is very clean and sleek. Besides, when it comes to the colour pallete of the wardrobe it would usually consist of monochromatic colours. So that is why if you are a guy with this personality consider getting men’s watches with a clean face and simple strap. This way your watch would be able to blend in with your everyday outfits. Look at brands that offer a styles from modern to classic designs as your style could be anywhere in between. Mechanical watches are something you should really consider as their designs are timeless and sleek.

The Luxurious 

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Moving on, if you are a guy with an expensive sense of fashion, it would make sense why you don’t mind purchasing more. Men’s watches come in many different designs and they could be paired with any attire. So, if your sense of style is always red carpet ready and you wish to keep up with the latest trends, look up articles or guides that would keep you posted. By doing so, you will be able to be ahead of fashion and always own the most wanted timepieces during that time. Another thing you might also want to consider is, since your sense of style is expensive why not try getting a few gold watches. Gold watches have a way of making your look appear much more expensive. Moreover, it would definitely get attention directed towards you. 


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The next personality type consist of fun and edgy put together. It’s for those guys who dare to stand out and be different. A guy with a unique personality should also own a unique watch. For example, skeleton watches have made a huge comeback and they are works of art that deserved to be appreciated. Consider looking at brands that offer unique looking skeleton watches as they would really suit who you are as well. The skeleton watch is basically a watch that shows the interior of the watch’s inner workings, it basically has nothing to hide. This watch already sounds like it was designed for you quirky individuals.

These are just a few personalities that are highlighted, there are many more. Just bare in mind that this guide is only made to assist you. However, if you feel you want to try something different and step out of your comfort zone, go ahead. Nobody knows your sense of style and personality better than you do. Try out a few watches before purchasing and remember to be confident once you found the perfect watch. Men’s watches can be easy to pick out if you already know what type of watch you are looking for but every individual is different.