Craps Lingo and Terminology

All You Need To Know About Craps

Do you know how to play craps as similar to when you are playing at the online casino Malaysia? It may appear complicated, but trust me, its not. You just need to learn lots of slang and terminologies to better understand this game.


This means that a player bets a single roll wager for him and also for the dealers

3-Way Craps

Bets created in units of 3; it goes with 1 unit on 2, 1 unit on 3, and then 1 unit on 12.


Also acknowledged as “snake eyes”; betting that the upcoming roll will have total of 2

Any Craps

A specific bet that the upcoming roll will be 12, 3 or 2

Any Seven

A specific bet that the upcoming roll will be 7.

Big Red

This is another term for 7. The players would not utilize the world seven at the tables.


This is another label for dice


This is also acknowledged as midnight; slang for 12


A person regarded as the table supervisor; someone who sits between the stickman and dealers

Box Numbers

These are place bet numbers

Come Bet

This is a bet made right after the point was established; just like a pass line bet

Come Out Roll

The is the first dice roll to make a point


Freebies or complimentary to players depending on their actions

Crap Numbers

The numbers 12, 2 and 3

Don’t Pass bet

A specific which the shooter will not be able to make his point.

The Eye in the Sky

The cameras, and surveillance department at the ceiling to watch dealers and players

Front Line

This is another term for a pass line bet


This is the slang term for field bet


A good tipper


A single roll bet on 12 and 2


A single roll bet on 12, 2 and 11

Hot Table, or Hot Dice

This is when the players are winning, or if the player is rolling plenty of numbers


This is the printed area where wagers can be placed

Little Joe

This is a slang for a pair of hard 4 or twos


This is the slang term for the 12; also recognized as box cars