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Choosing Right Size Of Men’s Watches

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Men’s watch is something that you should never take too lightly when buying. You may think nobody would notice it but men’s watches are usually very noticeable since you do not wear as many accessories as women. If you work in an office, attend business meetings and/or usually go for grand events, you should know that image is very important. Moreover, your watch usually has the ability to tell others more about your personality and style. 

This is why when buying men’s watches you should pay close attention to the size of the watch and if it suits the size of your wrists. Its small details like this that would distinguish you from others. You would be seen as someone who pays attention to small details and it will make you look more capable and responsible.

It is in our human instinct to want things to be balanced out. So yes, when it comes to men’s watches you would want the same thing as well. If you have a larger wrist, a larger watch would suit you. While, having a smaller wrist means you would be needing a smaller watch.

Diameter of Watch Case

The diameter of the case is something you would be the first to notice when selecting a watch. Men’s watches typically range from 38mm to 46mm. Usually anything larger than 46mm might be a little too flashy but it also depends on your attire and occasion. 

Choosing men’s watches to suit your wrist can be tricky. So how do you know what diameter of watch case is the best size for you? If your wrist is six to seven inches then you would suit small to medium diameters. These diameters include 38mm, 40mm and 42mm. However if your wrist is seven to eight inches then you might consider watches with larger diameters. These cases would usually be 44-46mm. 

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Men’s Watches Case Thickness

The thickness of the case usually correlates with the diameter of the watch case. This means if the diameter of the case increases or decreases, the thickness would do the same as well.

For example, men’s watches with a diameter of 38mm to 42mm would usually have a thickness of 7mm. If you choose the right diameter, the thickness of the case would usually be in the right proportion.

Width of Men’s Watch Band

The band of men’s watches would usually be half the width of the diameter of the watch. So if your watches diameter is 40mm, the band would have a width of 20mm. So yes the width of your watches band also goes back to the size of your wrists. Sometimes, you may want to buy the case first and get separate bands. Be sure that you select bands that would suit your cases diameter. 

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Material of the Band

Moving on, when choosing men’s watches the band of your watch is important as well. Leather bands make your watches appear slimmer. Even if a metal band and leather straps are the same size, the leather strap would always appear slimmer. So, if you have smaller wrists you might consider getting leather straps as metal ones might be overwhelming. However, it also depends on your personal style and preferences. 

Men’s Watches Details

The minor details on your watch create illusions of the size of your watch as well. Men’s watches might not have much jewels compared to the women’s watches however there are other details to look at. For example the numbers and needles in the watch may have an influence as to how your watch appears. So when buying a watch pay attention to even the smallest details. If you buy a watch that is well proportioned but its needles or numbers appear larger, it may cause your watch to appear larger than it is.

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There are many designs of watches to choose from, look at each one individually and select wisely. Men’s watches are the must have accessory and it could upgrade your whole look. Besides, buying the right watch might mean you would not need to spend twice on another.