Architecture Project Presentation Board Tips


Orientation and Size

Even seasoned architects from the top architecture firms in Malaysia follow presentation tips to make theirs flawless and successful. It all starts with a simple presentation size. In architecture school, your professors would most likely restrict you to a certain number of boards and board size. Make sure to follow this instruction, since this will serve as your presentation’s foundation.


It’s time to start planning the layout of your architecture project presentation. Just in case you are presenting your hand drawings, you can do so in A4 paper sheets. Make an accurate estimation of the space you need every drawing.

Zoning and Placement

How do you want your audience to navigate through the presentation? Which details do you want them to see first?

Visual Hierarchy

What is the highlight or strongest point of your project? Make sure that it will capture the attention of your audience right away by focusing on its format. You can do that using color, size or through drawings. Visual hierarchy is an important technique that you can utilize to showcase your point.


The background is called a background for an important reason. Your presentation is the perfect platform to highlight your architecture drawings. Thus, you need to see to it that it is free from any distraction. Some students put faded renderings of their drawings as background. However, white background is still the best one.