Adventurous Sports That You Should Try

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Most of you must think Malaysia does not have any place that provides adventurous, extreme sport. But do you know we have a lot of places in Malaysia that offer such things.

best diving courses in malaysia

Here is the list of adventurous sports that you can easily find around Malaysia:

  •   Blobbing – this is an activity where one person sits at the end of the blob and the other person jumps onto it from 10 to 15 m height. The only location for you to do this is only in Ulu Slim, Perak.
  •   Scuba Diving – scuba diving can be both an adventurous sport and recreational depending on what level you are at. There are a lot of places that allow you to scuba dive such as in Pulau Perhentian and Pulau Kapas. Usually before diving, you will have to register at the best diving courses in Malaysia so you will get the best knowledge and experience.
  •   Bungee Jumping – bungee jumping is an activity where you will jump off a cliff or bridge but with safety equipment. The rope will be tied on your legs and the minimum weight to do this is 40kg and maximum 250kg. You can experience this at Extreme Park Sunway Lagoon.
  •   White Water Rafting – you will have to be on an inflatable raft and paddle through the rough water and rapids. There are few places in Malaysia that have this activity. In Perak, they are located at Kampar, Gopeng and Ulu Slim. They are also available in Padas, Kadamaian and Kiulu, Sabah.
  •   Parasailing – there are two types of parasailing which are terrestrial and aquatic. Terrestrial parasailing is when you are attached to the jeep. This is done over the land. For aquatic parasailing, you will be attached to a boat and you will be over the ocean. In Malaysia, it is common to have aquatic parasailing especially in Pulau Langkawi, Pulau Pangkor and Sabah. There are single-flyers, double-flyers and triple-flyers which is why the price range varies from one another.
  •   Flyboarding – flyboarding can be considered as a privilege sport because of the expensive price of the flyboarding kit. It varies depending on your needs from RM4000 to RM6000. The training session also will cost you a minimum RM350 per person for 30 minutes. You can find the training place in Marina, Putrajaya. That place will give you various types of sports.
  •   Rock Climbing – rock climbing can be both, extreme sport or leisure activity just to fill in your day. You will get to know your physical capabilities and enhance your critical thinking skills as it makes you think which rock is the best for you to climb on. There are two types of rock climbing which is outdoor and indoor rock climbing. Some of the locations for outdoor rock climbing are Bukit Takun, Rawang and Mountain Torq, Kota Kinabalu. And some of the indoor locations are Putrajaya Challenge Park and Camp 5 which can be found in Johor and Selangor.
  •   Skateboarding – skateboarding is so interesting as you will be able to learn how to do tricks and use all your physical strength into it. For safety, you will have to wear knee pads and elbow pads to avoid any serious injuries. This is a sport where you can do it anywhere at the park, malls or even by the streets. There are also skate parks that you can find around Malaysia like in Putrajaya or Mont Kiara.

Getting involved with these sports actually can help you to think better and do better. What are you waiting for? Sign up for classes and be a pro!