10 Quick Ways to Increase Your Website’s Conversion Rate


Generating more traffic to your website is one thing, but getting conversions is another. Today, I am going to talk about some quick ways you can start increasing your website’s conversion rate.

Minimize Form Fields as Much as Possible

I understand that you want to gain information from your clients as a way to give them better service. However, implementing way too many annoys people which is why you need to decrease it to a considerable agree. Something like 1-3 forms would be ideal and make sure that they are forms that only ask for specific information- not a complete birth certificate.

Add a Customer Guarantee

Remember that if you are running an online shop such as a simple ecommerce website, you will be shipping your products from your warehouse or distributor to the customer. There is also a chance that they will either receive a defective product or something that is already damaged.

Give them a guarantee that they will be able to refund their products if they are dissatisfied with it. When you do this, see your conversion rates go up.

Use Actionable Calls to Action

When you use the right words, you will always be getting some results, which is why using more actionable calls to action like “get yours now” or “book your reservation today” provides a much better result than using CTAs that do not give them a sense of urgency.

Use Testimonials

Customer feedback is always a good thing since it will tell potential prospects that you are trustworthy. Be sure to include them on the front page of your site.

List All of the Benefits

Good products are those that help a customer’s need. Therefore, in order for you to convince people to buy from you, list all of the features and highlights of your products such as active ingredients, technologies used, among others.

Include Video Content

Most prominent online stores post a video on their landing pages. This video content should either highlight some of your main products or your brand. By doing this, you will “humanize” your online store, making it more appealing to your customers.

Post Related Products

This is sort of machine learning in action where you post recommended and relevant products to the one the user has just purchased. By doing so, you will inadvertently signal to them that they can buy such products from you.

Tell People What They’re Getting

Your visitors do not know exactly what you are selling which is why you need to tell them right off the bat. State the benefits and the reasons why they should be buying from you and not from anywhere else.

Remove Any Distracting Elements

The reason why web design has become so much simpler nowadays is so that it puts your main content front and center. So the next time you design your website, make sure that you remove unnecessary content so that people will get fixated only to the things that matter.

Do Some Storytelling

Captivate your visitors by providing them with compelling stories about your products.

Source: https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/242388